With workshops and courses in a wide range of yoga styles, movement approaches and mindful disciplines, Urban Zen hosts both local and international teachers.

Workshops are the perfect environment in which to ask questions and explore postures and principles in more detail. Gather with other like-minded people and take your physical or spiritual practice to the next level.

Saturday 12th June 2021

11.30am - 2pm



Always wondered how can these people do these postures? Always wanted to know how to achieve a certain asana?

Look no more because this workshop will give you all these answers!

We will look at 'body hacks' and 'secrets' that will teach you the special skills to own your asana!

It took me many years to find the teachings to got me to understand how to unlock certain asana. In this workshop I will be sharing with you those 'secret' drills and practices so that you too will be able to unlock your asanas and experience your full potential.

The workshop will combine drills from different movement modalities with fluid vinyasas. We will explore static stretching, dynamic ones as well as PNF and other isometric work. All these combined with the internal work of the breath and bandhas will give you the tools to take your practice further and own your asana practice.

This workshop is open to students with different levels of ability who are keen to explore their abilities and limitations in a safe environment as well as for teachers and teacher trainees who want to learn new skills they can offer their students.

Also available as ONLINE Live Stream - please contact Meni directly to book online Meni@yogaclasseswestwales.co.uk