Our instructors are a diverse community of Yogi's committed to providing authentic yoga for everyone. Urban Zen brings together the best teachers in the area so that you can be sure that no matter which class you chose it will always be led by a passionate, knowledgeable teacher.

Emily Ann Cole

Instructors - Emily Ann Cole
Emily has been practicing Yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2012. 
Having previously been a dancer and Personal Trainer, Emily initially fell in love with the physical aspect of Yoga. This quickly morphed into an obsession with the transformational powers of the practice as Emily worked to heal old wounds and deepen her connection to herself.
Having experienced the power of the practice first hand Emily is passionate about sharing Yoga’s full spectrum of benefits from the physical to the mental and emotional.
Emily has undertaken several styles of trainings and draws from them all when teaching her own classes. Emily continues to be inspired through her own time on the mat as well as her time supporting students along their own path.
Emily founded Urban Zen studios in 2015 to enable her to widely share the benefits of Yoga and movement and also to support other passionate teachers along their way.

Robyn Smyth Terry


I grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa with a great passion for nature and the outdoors. At 18 I moved to London and fell in love with the diversity, different cultures and openness of London and its people. I worked in the Events Industry for several years which was intense, demanding and very fast - paced. Six years ago, I attended a Yoga class where I found stillness and a place to really see inside myself . At this point, I realized that for me Yoga would be a life - long journey of learning and practicing. Since then I have found my spiritual self and believe that living Yoga and its key beliefs every day lightens my heart and soul. Earlier this year I traveled to India to explore and learn more about Yoga and its origin. I completed my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. The experience gave me an in depth understanding of the theory and practice of Yoga and proved only to enrich my love for it. I whole - heartedly believe in the utter joy and balance that yoga can bring to each and every person. I wish to share that joy and help others find their own balance and learn all that is within themselves.


Meni Farkash

Instructors - Meni Farkash

Ever since I can remember I have always looked for more, I knew there was something greater and deeper then the mundane reality. At a young age I started practicing martial arts and fell in love with focused and aesthetic movement. It was after suffering for some years with a back injury that I decided to try Yoga. I got hooked instantly. I spent 3 years with an Iyengar teacher as I loved the precision of alignment and understanding what a pose should feel and look like. It was after 3 years that I discovered Shadow Yoga, a style that for me combined Martial Art with Yoga. Shadow Yoga has become an important part of my own personal practice and influences the way I teach. I have also had the amazing opportunity to learn and practice different styles of Yoga. I was fortunate to learn Ashtanga Vinyasa with Richard Freeman, one of the most respected teachers of this system.

I have also learned from Aadil Palkavalya, one of Mr. Iyengar's top students as well as Natanaga Zhander the founder of Shadow Yoga and Duncan Hulin the founder of The Devon School of Yoga. In 2005 I completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training with The Life Centre, London and have  been teaching for the last 10 years. In my classes I draw from my experience of all those traditions to create a holistic practice.  I particularly enjoy teaching Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic and powerful practice, where I am able to create a synergy between the precision of Iyengar, the fluidity of Ashtanga and the internal understanding of Shadow Yoga.  To further develop myself as a teacher I completed a 250 hour post graduate Yoga Therapy course with the Devon School of Yoga. This course helped me to create a unique practice to restore health and well being to those with specific needs. I found this to be the most rewarding way to pass on the joy of Yoga as working one to one can bring the greatest transformation.

I now offer both Yoga Therapy to those with individual needs as well as private tuition to those who wish to deepen their practice of Asana and Pranayama and to those who wish to learn more about Yoga philosophy.

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Vanya Hughes

Instructors - vanya hughes -

I first came to yoga to help build strength and confidence after sustaining a hip injury. Having to work through physical limitations was extremely challenging, but the positive results I experienced from regular practice are testament to the healing potential of yoga. In addition to the physical benefits, I also experienced a wealth of emotional benefits.  

After completing numerous workshops and travelling to India to partake in an Ashtanga retreat, I made the decision to embark on a 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training course with Santosha yoga in Bali.  

Yoga gives me the courage to embrace my imperfections, inspiring me to live each day with observed mindfulness. It enables me to recognise times when the presence of my ego is interfering with rationale, allowing me simply to let it go. I feel everybody should be given the opportunity to experience inner peace through yoga practice.

I strive to teach an authentic, non-judgemental, expressive style of yoga that caters to each and every individual. I aim to encourage students to challenge themselves physically, mentally and spiritually in a happy and safe environment.  I truly believe in the power of yoga and its ability to free the body and mind, allowing one to embrace life with awareness and acceptance of oneself.

Outside of yoga I am a secondary school art teacher and enjoy travelling the world, walking, drawing, music, and being outdoors.

Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca started yoga as a way of maintaining her physical training after completing a Masters Degree in Dance Performance in 2015. Since moving to Swansea two years ago she has been teaching contemporary and creative dance to children across Swansea and Gower working for established youth company County Youth Dance Company, setting up her own classes in Reynoldston and delivering workshops to primary schools, colleges and dance schools.Being used to a full dance schedule whilst training, Rebecca found herself missing her daily physical practice and discovered yoga as a new way to fulfil her need to move on a daily basis. She found the practice gave her an even deeper understanding of the body and alignment which in turn aided in her dance training and teaching.  With a passion for teaching and a new found love of yoga Rebecca decided to complete her 200hr Teacher Training with Jamie Blowers in 2017. She is keen to share her love for moving by delivering classes that focus on alignment, strength and flexibility in a fun, energetic and accessible way. Rebecca thinks it is important that everyone should be able to reap the physical and mental benefits of yoga and therefore welcomes people of all experience and ability to her classes and ensures everyone walks away with a personal sense of achievement.

Kenzie Whyatt


My name is Kenzie and I am a health and movement enthusiast.
I first started practicing yoga as a recovery tool to supplement my elite swimming career in 2017.
I then became obsessed with the practice, as i discovered not only the physical but also the mental benefits of yoga.
Yoga allows me to move my body in a loving way with freedom and without judgment.
My purpose is to help people move and respect the unique and magnificent bodies we all have been given.
My classes include a balance of strength, flexibility work and relaxation through a dynamic and creative flow.
I look forward to joining the UZ family and meeting you all soon.

Brogan Attlay

Brogan teaches our Saturday morning Hot Yoga class! She started practicing yoga in Canada at the age of sixteen. Hot yoga being her favorite practice makes her a perfect fit for our firey Saturday mornings! She delivers a vinyasa flow style class that is accessible to everyone, whilst allowing deeper exploration into each person’s own practice. She is inspired by student’s dedication to yoga, despite their busy lives, and aims to make each class challenging and rewarding. She is passionate about empowering others through their yoga practice, so that they may cultivate strength, balance, and gratitude to take with them off their mat. 
Brogan also offers soft tissue sports and pregnancy massage therapy here at the studio! Her understanding of therapeutic massage and passion for therapy make her a great addition to Urban Zen! Brogan can help with aches and pains, as well as injury prevention, and adjusts her technique and pressure to suit your needs. She also recognizes that pregnancy and birth are very demanding on the body, and especially enjoys working with her maternity clients! 
Brogan continues her journey as a therapist by working on her master's degree in Osteopathy at Swansea University! Look out for any yoga workshops she may host as well!

Alex Killick

Alex trained with Julian ‘Daizan’ Skinner, founder of the Zenways school and the first British man to go through the Zen system in Japan and become a Roshi. Alex brings the Zen flavour to his teaching - that is one of simplicity, humour, and ultimately seeing that you already have all you need; you are that which you seek.
As well as embracing Zen, Alex has studied the more technical and esoteric aspects of Yoga found in the Indian systems such as Kundalini Tantra, of which he found breath control aspects particularly powerful. Even though he realised that following these systems can lead to a life changing transformation of the nervous system, he feels that ultimately to remain healthy and happy one only needs a simple daily practice; one in the spirit of not being separate from the rest of the existence - he feels that our mental and emotional suffering (manifesting as physical tension and restriction) fundamentally arises from not realising this sparation as illusory.
Aside from contemplation of our union with the totality, Alex likes to encourage practice based on mastery of the basics: cultivation of conscious breath control, staying centred and being able to accept yourself as you are, and on the physical level balancing all of the opposing muscle groups and awakening the total core. Alex’s classes are suitable for all levels of practitioner.

Victoria Ucele


Victoria Ucele teaches functional rather than aesthetic yoga, encouraging you to focus on what you feel in your body rather than the shapes you are making. She looks at everyone as individuals with distinct bodies and minds, helping you adapt your practice so it is uniquely yours.

Victoria's Yin Yoga sessions encompass the physical, energetic, emotional and mental elements of yoga. As well as the poses themselves, expect to find meditation and pranayama - key elements to a balanced practice. You will also learn more about the crossroads between yoga and the ancient Chinese ‘meridian theory’, and how you can bring it into both your practice and everyday life. She is a certified 200-hr teacher in Yin Yoga & Anatomy, and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. 

Abbey Tildesley

-Hello, I’m Abbey or YogiBach (little yogi for you non welshies), I am a yoga teacher currently based in Swansea. 
Whilst studying for my engineering degree I attended yoga classes and fell in love with it so much I did my teacher training during my last year of studying... and well here we are an engineering degree later I’m now teaching yoga full time. 
I enjoy nothing more than being able to share yoga with everyone.... And love trying to find new ways to find strength whilst stretching and of course being able to provide moments of calm in peoples crazy lives .
So why not hop into a class with me so we can flow through a practice together and carry on the day with a big ol' smile!