Here's our class descriptions; a list of classes you can expect to find at Urban Zen Yoga Studio. We're positive that you will find what you're looking for in our list of class descriptions, we have everything from beginners classes to power yoga to infrared hot yoga and pregnancy yoga.


A flowing sequence of dynamic poses harmonising breath and movement. Classes build strength, endurance and flexibility to energise the body and calm the mind. Appropriate for beginners as well as those with an ongoing practice.


This Hot Vinyasa class will warm you up inside and out. Expect dynamic which you will work on developing strength and steadiness by staying connected with the breath. Good level of fitness and some previous yoga experience is recommended.


Rasa Yoga is a modern yoga school that honors the roots of yoga and is committed to the equity and inclusion of all. We are dedicated to the Alchemy of Yoga and the Artistry of Life.

Rasa is a Sanskrit word that means “essence, juice, taste, nectar and fulfillment of the soul.”

Rasa Yoga is a soulful fusion of asana, mantra, mudra, myth, pranayama, meditation, functional anatomy, Tantric yoga philosophy, shadow work, and soul alchemy.


This Beginners Yoga class is open to anyone, especially those without any prior knowledge or practice of Yoga. We will specifically focus on learning each foundation Asana (posture), its benefits and the correct alignment. You will learn the correct breathing techniques whilst building strength and confidence in areas of weakness and increase flexibility of both the body and the mind.


This class is suitable for beginners or those with some experience of yoga, looking to be guided through a Hatha yoga class. We will practice asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), a little meditation and relaxation. Yoga develops flexibility, strength and balance, whilst calming the body and mind through movement, breath awareness and relaxation. All welcome.


Stretch, bond and breathe with your baby in this special yoga series designed for mothers and their infants.

Meet other mums and babies while you strengthen and support post-partum bodies with specifically chosen postures and sequences. Suitable for all babies from 7 weeks, classes combine Developmental Baby Massage with Mum and Baby Yoga.

These gentle and therapeutic classes are open to all mothers regardless of yoga experience. In a warm and supportive environment, you’ll be guided through a varied class that includes yoga postures, breath work and singing joyful songs with your baby.

The beautiful combination of baby massage and yoga can relieve common ailments such as colic, wind and constipation whilst encouraging good posture and co-ordination and promoting deep sleep. It is a lovely way to connect with your baby and to share yoga time. Each class finishes with time for relaxation.


Yin Yoga allows you to relax deeply as well as feel energised. The long, slow poses in a yin yoga class give you time to listen to your body, releasing tension and calming your mind. The deep stretch also penetrates the connective tissue in areas so many of us have problems with, such as the back and hips, helping them to become stronger. Victoria’s sessions are functional rather than aesthetic, so students focus on what they can feel in the body rather than what it looks like. In this way, she helps you adapt your practice so it is unique to you, both in body and mind. Yin Yoga is not about building up sweat or getting a ‘yoga body’ - it is for anyone and everyone, particularly those who want to step out of their stressful lives, slow down and focus.

This friendly class will guide you through exercises of mind, body and breath to prepare for birth.
The class is suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy, offering a great way to connect to your body and baby and meet other expectant mums. Nourish your health and wellbeing whilst preparing for labour and birth through yoga.
Benefits of pregnancy yoga include:
- decreases anxiety
- improves sleep
- reduces backache
- increases your energy

Need to breathe??  Sunday morning Ashtanga class will now have an optional Pranayama practice beforehand.

Arrive anytime from 8am (physical class starts at 8.30am) to join in with led breathwork and meditation prior to the asana practice. Learn to control your energy state, focus the mind and calm the body through a variety of breathing practices.


A fast-paced dynamic form of Yoga with a specific traditional series of postures. In this class you will be guided through a modified version of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series. 


A fun and relaxing class working with the foundational movements and principles of yoga. Jeni plans her classes so that they are accessible while maintaining a gentle and steady pace to get you moving. Suitable for all ages, perfect for those new to yoga, looking to get back to activity after a break and for those ready to get more active, Jeni offers modifications for some of the more challenging movements to help build skill, strength, balance and stability in a safe and sustainable way.


These restorative yoga classes will give plenty of time to enjoy calming pranayama (breath practice), rebalancing asana (yoga postures) and restorative held yoga postures, leading into a deep and restful guided yoga nidra (relaxation). You will be supported by bolsters, belts, blocks and cushions. Bring a blanket for deep relaxation.

All welcome regardless of previous yoga experience. A wonderful opportunity to relax, revive and restore. A fantastic way to start the weekend.