Blast – HIIT workout

Start your day the right way - This fast and furious, heart pumping, total body strength class includes high energy workouts to fire up your metabolism, aiding you in burning extra calories throughout the day. Designed to improve your endurance, tone your body and clear your mind for your busy lifestyle.



Tai Chi

Tai-Chi is well know as wonderful healing practice. While tàijí quán can be practiced as a devastating martial art this class will focus solely on the health improving benefits. The practice will include standing Meditation, the form (or movements) of Yang Cheng Fu and push hands. The benefits of the class will include increase vitality, well being, structural strength, mobility and a unifying of the body and mind as the practitioner learns to move from the center. A beautiful art form that is cleansing, calming and grounded.



Strength and Condition

This class is based on Pilates and dance principles, working mainly on core and back strength, alongside toning muscles and improving quality of movement and flexibility. The class can improve quality of everyday life and can also be useful to dancers and athletes, to improve their performance.



Barre workout

A mix of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga all mixed into one session.

Aimed to challenge your entire body with a combination of core strength and flexibility. This is designed to develop lean muscles for the "dancer look" using real ballet dance technique to target the major muscle groups, improve posture and alignment by using Pilates exercises.

The class also includes yoga stretches and exercises to improve flexibility as well as resistant band work to build long, lean muscles.

Suitable for all ages, fitness abilities whether you have dance experience or not.


Classical Pilates

PIlates is an exercise method that is designed to lengthen, mobilise and strengthen the body, concentrating on Alignment, Balance, Breathing, and Core Stability. This amazing technique can be beneficial for all ages and fitness levels.

The benefits you can achieve through this unique and wonderful system of exercise are numerous.

Strong core stability to help with everyday physical challenges, a supple body that breathes deeply and a mind/body connection that uplifts the spirit and can ease stress.

Pilates is relevant for everybody, from early teens to the over 60’s, sports enthusiasts to those who just want to stretch muscles and relax. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioners are recommending Pilates to help recover from injury as its low impact approach is safe for rehabilitation. Even if you feel fully fit and flexible, come and learn how to move everyday with ease and control. Men can do Pilates as well - it was designed by a man called Joseph Pilates!



Movement Fitness

A fusion of Movements found in Dance, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Yoga, Calisthenics and other Movement systems. This class will provide a natural form of fitness by moving the body in variety of ways. Crawling, Rolling, Handstand and other balances and many other forms of locomotion or traveling exercises will be practiced along with partner work and general conditioning to improve the body's ability to move well. All of the practices will be trained with step by step progressions allowing this class to be generally accessible.


Adult Ballet

Ballet is a great way to keep fit and tone your body, whilst also strengthening and increasing muscle flexibility. Suitable for beginners, improvers and those returning to dance aged 16+

Ballet shoes preferred or bare feet.


Child Ballet

Baby Ballet (3-6yrs) - introduce your little one to the joy of dance!  Our classes are designed to encourage creativity and imagination, learning the foundations of ballet technique through story, theme and play! Junior Ballet (7-11yrs) - suitable for beginners and improvers, our junior ballet classes aim to improve balance, co-ordination and posture through the enjoyment of dance!  

Booking is required directly through through the teacher. Price is £3.50 a class and every new student receives a free taster class. Please phone Hayley on 07854425538.